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2023 Brant Music Festival Rules

Below are the rules and regulations set out for the overall Festival, as well as Performances and Entries



  1. The Brant Music Festival reserves the right to refuse any entry or cancel any class, with the exception of this rule, entry fees will NOT be refunded.

  2. The Brant Music Festival reserves the right to divide or combine classes.

  3. Where age limits are specified, participants must be of the prescribed age on December 31st of the previous year.

  4. All classes are open to amateurs: Any person whose principal means of livelihood is not derived from the profession of music.

  5. Please note that the Brant Music Festival will run from 9:00 AM to 9:30 PM Monday – Saturday. Participants are expected to perform at their scheduled time.  No changes once the programme has been set.                            

  6. Please read the NOTES at the top of each section. Any special rules applicable to a particular section or class will be deemed part of the official rules.



  1. The most recent RCM, Royal Conservatory of Music, and CC Conservatory Canada syllabus MUST be used.

  2. All pieces must be performed from memory, unless otherwise stated. The use of music will result in adjudication ONLY, with no mark given.

  3. Unless otherwise specified, all instrumental pieces must be played without repeats. Da Capos and Dal Segnos must be observed.

  4. Time limits, where specified, will be strictly enforced.

  5. A piece may not be used in more than one class, with the exception of PROVINCIAL QUALIFYING classes.

  6. Duet classes do not need to be memorized. However, if music is used, there must be an original copy of the music for both performers AND the adjudicator. The use of photocopies will result in adjudication ONLY, with no mark given.

  7. During quick study and sight reading classes the room will be closed to the public. They return in for the adjudication.

  8. For accompanists, photocopies of copyrighted music will be allowed, provided there is a second original copy in the room. 

  9. Participants must provide their own accompanist. No taped accompaniment.

  10. All participants must supply an original copy of their piece, with bar measures numbered, for the adjudicator. 

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